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EMI – Electromagnetic Interference

The term RFI was used more often in the past because in the earlier years, the interference was seen mostly in the radio Frequency (RF) region of the Electro-Magnetic spectrum. Later it was recognized that in reality, interference could occur at any frequency including audio frequencies and microwave frequencies, not just at Radio Frequencies. So the term EMI made more sense.

EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility

With increasing use of electromagnetic communication in the modern age, it is realized that when an equipment that experiences interference due to unwanted electromagnetic energy, the source of that energy alone does not necessarily deserve the blame. The equipment experiencing interference may also require better design to perform reliably. So it was accepted that it is a problem of compatibility. As explained later in App Note: 101, all electronic equipment should be designed to minimize emissions to reduce interference to other equipment as well as to work reliably in its own intended working environment while accepting electromagnetic energy from other equipment. Therefore the field is now known as EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility).

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